Evangelism at St. John’s Lutheran Church

Evangelism is one beggar showing the next where to find bread. Evangelism invites people, both members and those yet to become members, more deeply into Jesus Christ and the community that bears his name. It grafts people into Christ and his mission of love for this world. Evangelism is for everyone – it is not what the church does to others but simply what the church does!

Our congregation is known for its friendliness and for celebrating everything with food. We’d like to welcome you and share some of our homemade preserves.

St. John’s has been ministering since the 1870’s. From a small group of German Lutheran farmers, we have grown to a community of over 600 baptized brothers and sisters who represent all walks of life and a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. We reach out to Little Suamico and its surrounding area through sharing a friendly and welcoming worship community, special events (Booyah, Bazaar, Auction) and community involvement of our members through a wide variety of civic interaction.

First Time Visitors are greeted with a smile as well as a gift of jam and an informational packet describing our congregation and the Lutheran Church and its teachings in general. A Friendship Sunday is on the horizon in the near future so we may share ourselves with neighbors, relatives, and friends. For those already members we are planning several interesting events.