Staff Listing

Karie Wagner
Office Manager
Director of Family Ministry
Youth Coordinator

Karie stepped into the role of office manager in May 2014, with these added duties she is a major part of our ministry at St. John’s.

Hello! My name is Karie Wagner and I am very excited to be the Director of Family Ministry and Youth Coordinator. We have such a unique congregation here at St. John’s. We are truly a family, growing together in Faith, Learning from one another, and Celebrating our shared love of God. I am delighted to have such a wonderful opportunity to further promote an environment of excitement in this combined celebration and growth. My role, however, is not to create MY vision, but to make OUR vision come alive. I look forward to working with every Member in doing this. There is much to be done!

About myself… St. John’s has always been my family church. I grew up in Sobieski and was confirmed here in 1988. After moving back to the area with my family, I am excited to have returned. My husband, Jeff, and I have a beautiful family of 5 daughters. Jeff is the Safety and Regulatory Manager for Schreiber Foods and an amazing guitar player. He is the love of my life and I am so blessed to share each day with him at my side. I have been an at-home mom for many years, but prior to that worked primarily in Human Resources, Insurance, and Radio.

I am also a Unit Leader and President’s Club Avon Representative. My favorite show has always been Little House on the Prairie. I love to read, listen to music (especially Billie Holiday and the Blues!) and draw. Pencil art has been a great source of relaxation for me over the years. Jeff and I are big history buffs as well. We collect Civil War artifacts and Lincoln memorabilia and would love to own a second home in Gettysburg, PA someday! We look forward to returning to Gettysburg next year for the 150th Anniversary of the infamous Civil War Battle that took place there. More than anything, however, I look forward to the many events, gatherings, activities, and fellowship opportunities here at St. John’s and Growing together in Faith!

God Bless!