Buildings and Grounds

Buildings and Grounds

church interior

Our sanctuary comfortably seats 250 people, with plenty of room in our glass-walled narthex for overflow. The sloping floor provides every worshiper with a clear view of the altar. Contemporary stained glass windows give glory to God.

Two large parking lots serve our church, one on each end of the building. A covered portico entrance on the north side allows everyone to stay dry while dropping off parishioners at church. Both entrances are at ground level and are easily accessible by all.

Our large Fellowship Hall is used nearly every day of the week. On Sundays, our famous Fellowship Hour occurs immediately following worship. Tasty treats, coffee, and juice are provided by a rotating group of parishioners each month. During the week, we partner with many community groups to provide meals for seniors, health clinics, Weight Watchers, and much more. The hall is also available to rent for bridal and baby showers and other special occasions.

Our Education wing provides multiple classrooms for our Sunday School program. Each room is uniquely painted with Biblical scenes or bright, child-friendly colors to enhance the children’s learning experience.

These rooms are also used for adult learning opportunities, choir rehearsal and much more. They provide an inspiring setting for learning the Gospel in creative and stimulating ways.