Reformation Sunday Coming Up

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This coming Sunday, we celebrate Reformation Sunday, known as the birthday of the Protestant church. Like many faithful Christians, Martin Luther did not want to start a separate denomination. He wanted Christians everywhere to focus on Jesus and his love. That was one of Luther’s insights: that so often, on purpose or by accident, the very things and practices we design to help draw us close to God have the opposite effect. They tend instead to block our access to the very Lord we want to worship and praise. Sad, but true.
Therefore, said Luther, at its best, the church is always re-forming. Furthermore, Jesus Christ intends that the entire life of the believer be one of repentance, turning and returning to the Lord, in order to live.
Some of the hallmarks of Lutheran Christians are:
-Justification by grace through faith: it is God’s gift that we receive life, and life eternal.
-The priesthood of all believers: the work of God’s followers everywhere in this world is holy.
-We are simultaneously saints and sinners.
-The Two Hands of God: God acts in two major ways: 1. In this world through natural and devised rules to establish and effect order and justice, and 2. In houses of worship through Christ Jesus to effect faith and salvation.

Join us Sunday’s at 9:00 am. Come as you are. Leave changed by Jesus.